Thursday, November 4, 2021

H.M Inspector of Education

 Dedicated, with sympathy, to those teachers about to face Cthulhu. Here it speaks in advance of the heavy judgement its presence brings:

An Inspector Calls.


Prepare your folios, let me my comfort find

Hard words shall fly like dust before the wind

Teachers maun dae something for their meat

An so maun inspectors


Cry aa you want, your tears are wine tae me

Your Dinny kens I hear as music sweet

The judgement already fated, the report

Your punishment, my swinging club


And yet, I deserve your pity

For at that time when all are judged

We wha judge are judgit the harshest

The hypocrite’s H branded on the arse.




 They’ve evolved to be like this. Don’t be too hard on them, we’re all parasites on something.      

                      HM Stationary Office (Inspector of the HM Inspectors of Education )

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