Saturday, January 7, 2023

Mamma!: Another Multicultural Success



The new year welcomes returning pupils with some uplifting news in the fight against White racism: we learn that in the Swedish city of Malmö (aka, Norra Mogadishu) ⅔ of all school pupils are from a non-Swedish (and mostly non-European) background. To say the least, this augurs well for the anti-racist future; can’t have racism if there are no Whites to cause it! – LOL. In fact, the news is even probably better than this and we can hope that the real figure is nearer ¾; this because, under Swedish law, by the third generation the immigrant origin of, say, a gang rapist or hand grenade chucker1 is no longer recorded, which creates the implication of ordinary (i.e., White) Swede. 

(# Malmö @ vit inte längre.J

Fruktansvärt!an old stock Swede might exclaim. But this plaintive cry merely illustrates the rebarbative racist mindset of these high IQ, but feeble-minded, Viking relics and why they are deserving of their one-way fiery voyage to Helheim. 

We are also reassured that Malmö’s happy fate will soon enough be visited on all Sweden and thusly will the country become the first in Europe to cure itself of systemic racism. Indeed, already in anticipation of that day, discussion is taking place for the new name for this suddenly swarthy nation; Svartistan,  Mörkistan, Nya Afrika are all strong contenders, but it seems that the government imams (of course, representing HRH, the emir Carl XVI Gustaf) will likely select Swedistan as the name least likely to provoke machete waving, firebombings and other assorted ethnic cleansings which the nysvensk (new Swedes) are somewhat partial to (and this is a good thing, obviously).2

It’s just a shame that the original, historic, pale blond Swedes won’t be around to see their triumph over themselves, but that’s the price of progress and we will posthumously salute their fortitude in looking into the racial abyss, apologising for being White and then silently leaping, one by one, until there are none. Skål! and and Så synd, but you cannot preserve your nation with other people's babies.3

This is all very well, I sense you thinking, but what about us in Scotland? Should we not, while congratulating the Swedes commitment to diversity, be disappointed and not a little ashamed at our own education system lagging behind? After all, combatting White supremacy in primary schools is (correctly) our government’s main, and possibly only, educational priority. The answer is, of course, yes and yes!

However, I am pleased to note that we need not hang our heads so deeply in shame for much has been done to replace Whites wherever they raise their ghostly visages and ginger heads, especially in our Catholic schools, as the following picture makes clear. Many detect the influence of his holiness in this development as he has a noted interest in multicultural youth replacement, but our own wee F.M can stand proudly alongside any of the top WEF White replacement specialists.4 Because this is her doing; and this is why she is smiling so broadly – for once. 

But there is more; I have found by drunken prophesies, libels and dreams, that the F.M (or F.C, as she is more usually known) plans to import the entire nation of either Bangladesh or Congo – hopefully, both – to eradicate White racism, both these countries being noted specialists in such eradications. This act of good (obviously) cultural terrorism would allow us in Scotland to leapfrog the achievements of the Swedes in multicultural excellence. The zero Whiteness would sit nicely alongside the zero carbon commitment.

Truly, a great time to be a Scottish school pupil swirling in a (fe)maelstrom of historical lies, racial smears and gaslighting, and all the while having a ringside seat in a real life re-enactment of the great racial replacements of the late Roman Empire, or contemporary London.

As a race, we never evolved to deal with stuff like this and don’t know how to defend ourselves, and even our children, against it. We're finished and all that's left now is the wait for the kraken.

What think ye?



1. Sweden is now one of the leading countries in the world for recreational hand grenade chucking – spears, apparently, not being so readily available. Indeed, it is fast replacing nude sunbathing, scarfing rancid fish and folk dancing as the major national pastimes. 

2. Strangely, as a self-proclaimed “Humanitarian Superpower", formerly famous for crawing the moral virtue of their progressivism, the Swedes have recently ceased pontificating to the rest of Europe the benefits of mass migration from the third world. Perhaps they feel the argument has been won, and anyway are too busy enjoying the multicultural boosts to their economy and the extra societal harmony from the comfort of their safe spaces.


Bjorn: Thank you for the music. 

Agnetha: But sorry for being White.

[they pause and then leap into the abyss] Mamma…rghhh!

4. Obviously, our Number 1 Nippy Sweetie is not in the same league as the UN big hitters, your Merkels. Trudeaus, Polpots, Obamas, etc, but give her credit where it is due; every subject in the primary curriculum has a trauma based anti-White component. (Aye, even maths!)

Saturday, October 15, 2022



Black History Month 

“White allies and POC accomplices are welcome to attend the conference, but will be charged a supplementary £30 reparations fee that will be used to keep this event free of cost for the Black community.”

 Black History Month is an annual anti-White festival in which, instead of getting mugged by BLM or grifted as per above, Whitey gets lambasted – for a whole month! Specifically focussing on our brief of the primary school pupil in Scotland, here we find the young Whitey is encouraged to take their first steps down White Genocide Lane when they learn just how guilty they are for all the problems of their Black classmates1 and of how undeserving they are of a settled life – ever!

 They learn that they have achieved this purgatory as a punishment most condign for the sin of racism. Of course, because they are children, this racism is ancestral and so, like their pale faces, inherited; thusly, it cannot be avoided or denied. And Black History Month makes sure of this by looped reminders of the slave trade and how Whitey has stolen Black achievement. This viewpoint is reinforced by the blackening of British history via its dramatic representation on TV, of which Black (negro) Queen Anne Boleyn is the latest manifestation. Of course, an adult knows that this is absurd, and may even appreciate that the intention with such semiotics is not so much to rewrite history or even brainwash (although that would be a hoped for outcome too), but to humiliate by showing how much whitey does not control their country’s past; but the child, whose understanding of the world is more visual, comes to accept the lie and embrace, without knowing it, the true mission of Black History Month – the planting of guilt on the one hand, and resentment on the other. A bad combination for a happy multicultural future together you would correctly think – although truly this broken future is actually the long-desired outcome by those                ethnic cosmopolitans who on investigation always prove to underwrite every destructive trend against us.    

 The success of this gas-lighting project is proven by the widespread acceptance by Whitey, and especially young Whitey teacher2, of their visual replacement across all media3, by their promulgating to children the racist complaint de jour and their willingness to justify ‘exterminating whiteness’, etc, by which they mean themselves. The evidence that such people will welcome the machetes for you and your children (and even their own children if they had them) is legion in the twittering world of social justice.

 Perhaps in another context (in another world?) where being White was not toxic, one could regard Black History Month as a legitimate attempt to boost the cultural confidence of the lowest achieving immigrant group4 (and thus a net good); but in the actual world such a project is inevitably weaponised against us. They can pretend that it is pro-minority, pro-diversity, anti-racist, etc, but (honestly) it’s only anti-White. For, make no mistake, wrapped up in celebrating Black history is a blatant attack on our history to erase any goodness or notable achievements and replace them with the lie of Black achievement.

 The masters of perpetual guilt, those soulless would-be gods of all mankind, who stand behind this gas-lighting project know what they are doing when they encourage and facilitate others to leave their dark continent and come to the home of all their woes in Europe. They were certain that by this means they could defeat us with our own values and humane sensibilities, or perhaps more realistically our spineless tolerance of Black bullshit and Jewish chutzpah; and perhaps they are right. For we are way past time for the collective White West to come to its senses; there should be scores of millions of us seeing this psy-op for what it is and what it is doing to our children. And not just you and me.

 Before I leave, I should note that inadvertently Black History Month, in acknowledging the crucial importance of race in all social systems, may yet prove to be the smelling salts that brings clarity to the groggy White parent swooning over their manufactured guilt.

 What think ye?

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1. Black is black. The other lesser blacks or POCs can GTF!

2. And only Whitey, teacher or otherwise, as other POCs see this for what it is.

3. Especially including school material; websites, council educational department literature, announcements, posters, brochures, lesson plans, textbooks, etc, etc.

4. Of course, it is right and proper for Blacks (and sympathetic others, including me) to find interest in Black history and celebrate historical Black achievement.  My own top three are intrepid Atlantic voyaging, building Britain from scratch and funky town jive.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

The Child Abuse Industrial Complex



includes Miss gendering.

Formerly, this was a question of apology:

Oh, I do beg your pardon. I thought that you were a fully-grown man. Oh, what’s that,…my mistake again,…well, please accept extra apologies. It was the beard stubble that fooled me.

No problem, apology accepted. Even my therapist gets mixed up sometimes!

However, these polite days are past and this issue is now a legal matter. Schools can advise pupils on seeking legal remedy. Corridor posters provide information and speed dial connections to pro rata sexual gender insult lawyers.

Miss gendering is the most severe category of misgendering and is an immediate police matter. This will involve double-lawyering and double-lawyering fees. And double jail time.


I noted some news items recently that demonstrated that within schools this gender identification phenomenon has bypassed the ‘just seeking acceptance’ stage and, now weaponised, is seeking destruction of opposition by social shaming and lawfare. Only a short while ago this subject was a matter of, often light-hearted, bemusement when discussed amongst friends. However, as we come to realise that this was never about acceptance of the tragically confused*, but the vanguard of a different agenda, few are laughing now. And the tragic victims are not just the gender-afflicted pawns, but the good citizen and their family.

The child abuse industrial complex is a real thing and it really is well-established in your child’s school and educational department.

What think ye?


* We are a sympathetic people and acceptance was nearly always a given. The claims of rejection, or even outright hostility, are mainly propagandistic fabrications to plant guilt within us and justify the dystopic legislation which was ever the intent of those who stand behind this phenomenon.

Monday, April 4, 2022



What a time to be a little boy in nursery.


The Days of Broken Arrows


Toy guns, swordfights with sticks, chasing girls

are of the past –

Get over it!


Climbing walls, swinging on branches, throwing stones

all risky undertakings –

For safety’s sake, don’t!


Movies, legislation, TV news, the ‘educated’

feed his destroyers and crush his spirit –

Enough, toxic masculinity!


Gender choice: My trans son wears make-up.  Endocrine warfare

You thought you were a boy –

You were wrong!


Depression, lack of focus, withdrawal, delusion, the life online;

the planned and fated boys’ future –

Sterile, your kind gone. And good riddance!


Fist fights, militant enthusiasms, competitive, impulsive, testosterone

You thought you were a boy –

You are.


I’m your Witness!



I’ve just read a propaganda piece about a school teacher and gaylife advocate for childhood sexualisation claiming that nearly 2/3 of his students (his term) identify as LGBTQ+. Naturally, this apparent fact was celebrated with a Pride parade. His students were in the nursery, and so four and five years old. And obviously, from the viewpoint of those who dream of such a future sexualised world, an ideal age for introducing identity politics and gender dysphoria.

The children mentored (for want of a better term) by this activist-sexducator obviously will have no idea that they are involved in a battle for their minds – and their souls. However, they will be damaged just the same by the deliberately introduced confusion, if not arguably attempted removal, of an essential foundation of the developing personality; namely, that you are a boy or girl. Both terms, we now learn, are hate terms in the new school lexicon.

It’s hard enough being an infant; learning to share Lego and getting the wrong juice at snacktime is a sufficient developmental challenge without adding a daily existential crisis of sexual identity.

To ask the question about what sort of world these childhood sex advocates want to create is to already know the answer.

This little poem is my response.

What think ye?

Friday, March 11, 2022



In which your anonymous author imagines the unimaginable – a wee break from the classroom stress and educational garbage that accompanies the Scottish national curriculum.

Excellence Has a Day Off

 It starts with the register,

children’s names being substituted

for picnic items, fizzy drinks,

sandwich fillings and continental cheeses.

They are not fazed by the switch.


One maths lesson taught with

no reference to targets

children apparently fail to notice

its absence – perhaps they don’t care?

Those who finish early are tricked by,


not extra work, but extra free choice!

Playtime extended by ten minutes.

Milk and story time doubled.

Language lesson, no trick this time,

just a promise; finish early and play.


Lunch over, we go a walk in the woods

build a hut, then race back, Last’s a silly sausage ….. 

Next, Shakespeare verses parsed

from say, Romeo and Juliet,

Act out the same, for a laugh.


With love's light wings did I o'er-perch these walls,

for stony limits cannot hold love out.

Project proceeds without children

debating their own protocols, nor

stating Q I outcomes, they know already!

Teacher just teaches, flying the lesson

on experience. Somehow it lands okay.


The day passes with no reference

to the conveyer belt of pedagogic

balderdash that clichés our lessons.

No fires, no police, no children lost,

Excellence ends the day with a Beaujolais.    


You know what, Boys and Girls, let’s do it again. But don’t tell the head-teacher.


Talk about setting yourself up for a failure: The hubris of Scotland’s national curriculum, The Curriculum for Excellence, begs for divine correction. And, in a way, this is what has happened; with the educational system discredited, the profession demoralised and the pupils stressed and failed. The entire shekel plunder that is public education is deserving of mockery. And here I do my bit.

I have it on good authority that the sheer lack of common modesty (and not least the hubristic challenge) of The Curriculum for Excellence title was pointed out to the various government ministers, educational ‘experts’ and tax farmers responsible for its introduction, but you will not be surprised to know that these assorted imbeciles and dystopians followed their own advice.

PS. This poem is from my Relentless: The Death March to Educational Excellence. This genuinely excellent (honestly) book is a multi-media approach to the well-deserved mockery of our state schools. Here is a picture of the front cover. It is available if you click the Big Ride link at top right. 

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Viewing The Spectrum


The Spectrum:

If only it was an evil organisation, perhaps the Pupil Eco Committee could combat it.

However, and alas, 'the spectrum' describes the new pupil reality that finds a significant proportion of pupils credited to this shady group and apparently working for it as professional-level class disrupters, a task at which most excel. Why so many children, and especially boys, are arriving as basically psychiatric cases sporting a veritable alphabet of autist-like descriptive labels, ADD, ADHD, ODD, etc, and in need of various types of extra support (and funding), is a question that can be discretely asked (noting that walls have ears in school!), but cannot be honestly answered. Identifying the various environmental toxics, device radiation, late motherhood, broken families, intentionally single parents, phoney pedagogy, classroom stressors like BBC Newsround, the IT/TV existence and the whole panoply of a garbage lifestyle lived indoors, would not be permitted. And, not least, metabolic poisoning obtained by eating and drinking basically sugar. This is why I make no reference to these factors here.

(To those who propose genetic collapse as a factor, I present, as a contribution to the debate, the current batch of Scottish MPs.)

Precisely how many of these children are genuinely handicapped, as opposed to just some variety of strange that would be fixable by the simple remedy of fresh air, sunlight, exercise, proper food, sleep and discipline is a question that an old school teacher could answer, but would be more safely left nowadays to top dollar funded experts.

Of course, I do not wish to deny children support they need, but still wonder how much the diagnoses are linked to a feedback loop wherein artfully constructed (or disingenuous) definitions access funding and encourage a swarming class of professional beneficiaries allied to concerned, confused or (honestly) victimhood-seeking parents, each driving the other to create more of the same and hence further justify itself. The motivation and behaviour of any one actor (be they parent, teacher or health professional) within this loop may be entirely rational, even while the loop itself may be irrational– except if viewed as yet another manifestation of the society-destroying processes which shape our modern lives.

What think ye?


This reflection was inspired by a recent article that described the dramatic rise in autism diagnosed over the last generation as, in fact, mainly a rise in its reporting.

This allegedly based on two related phenomena; the social trend of shifting spectrum children, who would have formerly attended a specialist institution, into mainstream schools (aka, mainstreaming) with this development making such children more visible and leading in turn to concomitant changes in reporting protocols; and (as noted above) the politicisation and monetisation of definitions and diagnoses.  

While I find myself  in broad agreement with part of the author’s thesis, my Spidey sense tells me that she is more wrong than right; in that there is indeed a true rise in the numbers of such children for at least some of the reasons already referred to. The comments accompanying the article demonstrate how politicised (weaponised even?) such science has become with the protagonists seemingly unable to approach evidence free from partisan proselytising of their preferred societal agenda. One cannot ‘trust the science’ here. And it is for this very reason that I have abandoned to oblivion all such studies, where they pertain to education, as sources of either information or policy; preferring instead the scientific evidence of my own eyes and ears. 

Regardless, no useful ‘expert’ conclusion will ever be reached about this issue as autistic and related type pupils are among the many passengers locked aboard the runaway train to hell.

(The focus of the article was the USA, but its descriptions probably apply to anywhere in the West.)

Sunday, January 16, 2022


 Education system in shock as top teacher resigns from the GTCS

If one is a trained teacher and wishes to work within the state education system, one is required to be registered with the General Teaching Council of Scotland (GTCS). Depending on circumstances, the annual fee is paid by the registrant themselves or their employer.

Obviously, there should be regulation of entry to the profession and some oversight of teacher development and conduct; however, in common with most (all?) of our institutions charged with representing and protecting us, they now do the opposite. The why, how and who of this development is increasingly coming to the fore of our minds.

But what to do? Hence, my resignation:

With respect to your query regarding my decision to not renew my annual GTCS subscription:

I am responding to your request as a courtesy, but mainly for the sake of my conscience and partly as a reassurance to others who may read this, that they may know that they are not alone in their concerns.

I note with alarm the conversion of the GTCS from an administrative body usefully managing the list of those deemed qualified to teach to a globalist front promoting worthless science and destructive pedagogy. Through bureaucratic bloat, and leadership devoid of wisdom and moral courage, it has become the conduit for all the deceitful narratives and useless ideas that discharge into the classroom, making the very stress and dysfunction it absurdly reports on.  It is thusly a major contributor to the creation of a school culture at odds with reality and hence dependent on propaganda to carry its claims and policies.

I note with disappointment, but not surprise, that the GTCS in its pronouncements and comments on educational topics has not noticed any patterns behind the relentless fakery and Utopian deceptions. Apparently sees no issue with the ever more intrusive digital solutions proffered by our IT overlords. Nor noticed the countless millions spent on tomorrow’s educational garbage, or that every fix further embeds the problem. Endless waste, meaningless clichés and inevitable failure, all at top dollar, describes its Curriculum for Excellence mission.

No other generation of teachers has had to endure the infiltration and subversion of their workplace to the extent that ours has. And no other generation of pupils has had to endure such psychological manipulation in the deliberate politicisation and sexualisation of their worldview. Of this, far from opposing, or even questioning, the agenda behind this power, the GTCS cheerleads us ever forward into dystopia.

By fronting pieties for the multicultural cult and refusing to even mention the interests of Scotland’s native stock population, whether pupil, parent or teacher, the GTCS is a traitor to our country.

In short, in its major mission to Scottish education it is an enemy of our profession and our children. It has no legitimacy amongst teachers, as evidenced by the return rates for the election of its officers.

I deeply resented the money spent on the registration fee, and only did so by compulsion.

Now that I no longer have to, I won’t.

POSTSCRIPT: I invited the newly installed GTCS apparatchik-placeman (CEO), Dr Pauline Stephen, to comment on the points I made in my resignation. The reader is sure to know already the nature of her response.