Tuesday, April 26, 2022

The Child Abuse Industrial Complex



includes Miss gendering.

Formerly, this was a question of apology:

Oh, I do beg your pardon. I thought that you were a fully-grown man. Oh, what’s that,…my mistake again,…well, please accept extra apologies. It was the beard stubble that fooled me.

No problem, apology accepted. Even my therapist gets mixed up sometimes!

However, these polite days are past and this issue is now a legal matter. Schools can advise pupils on seeking legal remedy. Corridor posters provide information and speed dial connections to pro rata sexual gender insult lawyers.

Miss gendering is the most severe category of misgendering and is an immediate police matter. This will involve double-lawyering and double-lawyering fees. And double jail time.


I noted some news items recently that demonstrated that within schools this gender identification phenomenon has bypassed the ‘just seeking acceptance’ stage and, now weaponised, is seeking destruction of opposition by social shaming and lawfare. Only a short while ago this subject was a matter of, often light-hearted, bemusement when discussed amongst friends. However, as we come to realise that this was never about acceptance of the tragically confused*, but the vanguard of a different agenda, few are laughing now. And the tragic victims are not just the gender-afflicted pawns, but the good citizen and their family.

The child abuse industrial complex is a real thing and it really is well-established in your child’s school and educational department.

What think ye?


* We are a sympathetic people and acceptance was nearly always a given. The claims of rejection, or even outright hostility, are mainly propagandistic fabrications to plant guilt within us and justify the dystopic legislation which was ever the intent of those who stand behind this phenomenon.

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