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The Meaning of the Nativity

The Christmas service being the only guaranteed point of contact between the school and the church proper, it is important that the modern Christian message is maximised: guilt for our sins against the rest of the world and a plate collection predicated on this.

Nothing numinous spoils this prostration, God’s presence in the Christmas service is as a sort of reparations tribunal judge. And so the pupils listen to a sermon as if written by Madonna (not the Madre de Dios, but the so-named billionaire idiot screecher and African baby snatcher ), emphasizing how much ‘we’ still must do for Third World female equality, thirsty jungle denizens, and aspiring, but non-swimming, future UK welfare recipients. ‘Do’ here meaning pay up and suffer anguish.

As told by the officiating minister, this is the current meaning (apparently) of Jesus’s birth: Guilt for the White children*, here cast in the role of modern day Romans; and righteous indignation for the darker-hued ethnic others, here cast as the meek who are deserving of inheriting the Earth – or, at least, the European portion. This guilt is, of course, presumed to be a well-deserved consequence of colonialism, endemic racism and unearned privilege. And, so the argument goes, this White privilege (as the practical expression of all the vileness that swarms around the White genotype) must be destroyed if society is to make progress. This progress is not defined, indeed it is important to the message that it is left as a hazy destination on the horizon; however, although the child is not able to comprehend the nature of progress’s destination, the adult reading here is sure to understand some of its the less attractive aspects.

You may wonder, as I do, how much of this sermon the children understand? Perhaps not a lot, at least in the literal sense. But the intended message of guilt and retribution is planted deep and then conflated with progress. The message planted deep is the whole point of the sermon, and for this they do not need to correctly understand it. It grows within them as they grow. And when we consider that we and our children are surrounded by this self-same message coming at us from every direction, the idea that our children are being prepared for another world to come is not at all far-fetched. Is this targeting of our children in this vulnerable, candle-lit setting an example of the predictive programming we hear either proffered or derided?

Certainly, as an adult and would-be protector of our children’s mental well-being, many thoughts join the hymns and homilies in speeding up to the rafters and beyond. But these, alas!, are incongruous to the season of goodwill; and so, in the spirit of which I’ll only list the simplest question about the spiritually free, but social justice dense, new meaning of Christmas: Justify this truth!

 Conspiracy?; absolutely – theory?; you decide!

Of course, we need not accept the neuro-linguistic programming and shallow pieties of the globalist Newspeak sock puppets that pass as current custodians of the empty churches. We have our own saints to speak of spiritual truths, saints who have our temporal as well as eternal well-being at heart. After the politicised nonsense of the Christmas service, let us direct our children’s attention to them. Indeed, we could turn to them for succour. And actually we should. 

Omnes sancti orate pro nobis

 What think ye?


*  In a subtle little epiphany created for their future (perhaps), the listening boys are cast in the role of Jesus before the Sanhedrin, but without the opportunity to reply to the slanders to their sex.

PS. I wish my reader (thank you for your perseverance, …………. ) a merry Christmas and aa the best for the new year.

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