Sunday, January 16, 2022


 Education System in shock as top teacher resigns from the GTCS

If one is a trained teacher and wishes to work in the state education system, one is required to be registered with the General Teaching Council of Scotland (GTCS). Depending on circumstances, the annual fee is paid by the registrant themselves or their employer.

Obviously, there should be regulation of entry to the profession and some oversight of teacher development and conduct; however, in common with most (all?) of our institutions charged with representing and protecting us, they now do the opposite. The why, how and who of this development is increasingly coming to the fore of our minds.

But what to do? Hence, my resignation:

With respect to your query regarding my decision to not renew my annual GTCS subscription:

I am responding to your request as a courtesy, but mainly for the sake of my conscience and partly as a reassurance to others who may read this, that they may know that they are not alone in their concerns.

I note with alarm the conversion of the GTCS from an administrative body usefully managing the list of those deemed qualified to teach to a globalist front promoting worthless science and destructive pedagogy. Through bureaucratic bloat, and leadership devoid of wisdom and moral courage, it has become the conduit for all the deceitful narratives and useless ideas that discharge into the classroom, making the very stress and dysfunction it absurdly reports on.  It is thusly a major contributor to the creation of a school culture at odds with reality and hence dependent on propaganda to carry its claims and policies.

I note with disappointment, but not surprise, that the GTCS in its pronouncements and comments on educational topics has not noticed any patterns behind the relentless fakery and Utopian deceptions. Apparently sees no issue with the ever more intrusive digital solutions proffered by our IT overlords. Nor noticed the countless millions spent on tomorrow’s educational garbage, or that every fix further embeds the problem. Endless waste, meaningless clich├ęs and inevitable failure, all at top dollar, describes its Curriculum for Excellence mission.

No other generation of teachers has had to endure the infiltration and subversion of their workplace to the extent that ours has. And no other generation of pupils has had to endure such psychological manipulation in the deliberate politicisation and sexualisation of their worldview. Of this, far from opposing, or even questioning, the agenda behind this power, the GTCS cheerleads us ever forward into dystopia.

By fronting pieties for the multicultural cult and refusing to even mention the interests of Scotland’s native stock population, whether pupil, parent or teacher, the GTCS is a traitor to our country.

In short, in its major mission to Scottish education it is an enemy of our profession and our children. It has no legitimacy amongst teachers, as evidenced by the return rates for the election of its officers.

I deeply resented the money spent on the registration fee, and only did so by compulsion.

Now that I no longer have to, I won’t.

POSTSCRIPT: I invited the newly installed GTCS apparatchik-placeman (CEO), Dr Pauline Stephen, to comment on the points I made in my resignation. The reader is sure to know already the nature of her response.

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