Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The Puppet Dreck-meisters of Global Inc

Delivering Poptrash Garbage to our Children

I recently saw an earphoned child of about seven listening to her i phone. Her unwitting jerks and tics indicated her melding into the global music matrix. Years ago, I would have been puzzled as to what someone so young could possibly be listening to, and would have consoled myself with the thought that, whatever, it is, it's not the soul-destroying dreck of Miley or Ariana et al - alas, I know now not to give this consolation any houseroom. 

The issue for our children is not just the music, for these wholly globalist-owned, puppet fembots are the fronts of a mission to bring precocious sexuality, identity confusion, narcissism and neuroticism to their innocent targets by planted suggestion and their personal example. This is the music-ganda and accompanying vid that welcomes such a little girl as referenced above through the portals into that world we see arriving nearer every day. And this got me thinking; 

It is a tragedy for our children that, arguably the high point of European cultural achievement, our classical music repertoire finds no place in their learning. Likewise, for our great folk traditions, the envy of less blessed lands. The various mood and even neurological benefits that the former confers on the listener have been well catalogued - as have been the deleterious effects of poptrash and rap - but pale in comparison to the wonder and beauty so easily brought into a child’s life. And for our native, post ice-age stock, the immense pride of association; the greatest gift in a child’s upbringing. The scale of this musical achievement,  covering the development of techniques, training, instruments, notation, recording and the creation of the highest standards to carry it forward, can easily be transmitted to children, even infants, who hold no class or other prejudices against this music - at least until the global popworld snares their minds.

Few contemporary teachers, alas, have any knowledge of this tradition, far less interest, as it does not sit nicely with poptart vids and i Tunes. This is an immense loss to our children, and one, moreover, when the early exposure and appreciation is not encouraged, that is not easily recovered. Luckily, a replacement is on hand.

 As rap is the true music of diversity, the Scottish government has spared no expense in employing a consultative committee of their friends (led by GTCS, of course) to replace the primary school music component with something a bit more gangsta and better reflecting Scotland’s vibrant, new multi-C image. The Meenister of Newducation has already contacted the 9mm Bruvvas to develop the music curriculum to be titled F*** da White ******. As a tribute the our FM, they even produced a first line free of charge:

 Who dat skanky ho, hangin wi da tartan, Yo!

According to wise Confucius, you can tell the values of a society by the music it listens to. So be it! Well, let them keep Lady Gaga, we’ve got Wagner. Perhaps he will come to our rescue; certainly, if Ride of the Valkyries is playing, you could cut the grass in your soiled underwear and it would still be heroic.

I’m feeling optimistic again. What think ye?

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  1. couldn't agree more..why not.."o it came o'er my ear like
    the sweet sound that breathes upon a bank of violets,
    stealing and giving odour"..Tw.Nt.