Saturday, July 4, 2020

Withheld Advice


The school year is over now. Here is advice that was regretfully withheld, but realistically ungivable.

# Smash your i phone and throw it in the bin. It’s making you stupid.

# You are eating badly, that’s why you are so fat.

# Don’t ever drink that stuff again.

# I’m not going to help you because you don’t deserve it.

# You are being deceived by that charity. Do not support them.

# Everything that the head teacher said at the assembly is not true.

# Don’t worry about understanding this. It doesn’t matter all that much.

# Do you know what privilege means? It is my privilege to be your teacher.

# Here’s what you need to change for the future to be a success; nothing.

# Come with me if you want to live.


Perhaps I have missed some; what think ye?

In another, more honest and caring, world, such direct criticism of a child would not be necessary for they would not ever get to the point where it was needed. And compliments could be given as required, without the fear of later adult ( deliberate?) misunderstanding and complaint.

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